De Jongens (The Boys)


A show from De Jongens (‘The Boys’) can’t be compared to anything currently in theaters. De Jongens use hardcore slapstick with a complete disregard for human life. Luckily it’s their own life they’re risking. The visitors of international location specific festivals — like Oerol in the Netherlands, Strassentheater Detmold in Germany and Feta in Poland — know them by now. However, De Jongens also want to exploit their talents inside the theater, a welcome and much needed addition to what theatre has to offer. People do already laugh in the theater, but rarely do people fall out of their seats laughing, nor do they feel the childish thrill of a roller coaster ride coming out of the foyer.

After years of separation, four old friends come together for a dinner reunion. One by one they enter a soberly decorated space, inhabited by no more than a long table with four chairs. Behind the table, on sees a wall with two doors. Uncomfortably they explore their old relationships to see if they are still the same. As the evening progresses, the reunion leads to a strange confrontation: a full frontal collision between the four men in which their friendship is tested once again.

The men retrieve painful memories and bring the past back to life. Clumsily, they try to break the ice. A bad first sexual experience is brought up with all the nasty details, shaming one of the men. A game of truth or dare leads to a near death experience as vengeance is taken for old offences.

Slowly the stage transforms into a battlefield. Even the audience is no longer safe as the four men in their hubris jump off the stage to tear down the rest of the theater. In a storm of inimitable stunts, absurd logic, surreal images and brutal humor the four men find each other again.

De Jongens are known for their raw performances full of absurd slapstick and visual effects. With few words and a lot of action, they use dangerous stunts and absurd slapstick to show how far people go in their efforts to survive, to keep themselves afloat and attempt to communicate with the rest of mankind. Humor, surprise, danger and energy, are the pillars on which De Jongens create their shows.

Concept and performance: Jan-Joost Alberts, Mats Boswijk, Taco van Dijk and Maarten Smit, Coaching: Peter de Jong.