Romeo and Juliet: the concert

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Romeo and Juliet: the concert


Shakespeare’s famous words put to pop music
‘The music is so well written and performed that the audience is drawn into the story automatically’ –

‘With his marvelous voice composer and guitarist Helge Slikker renders a poetic and romantic Romeo and in the duets with Marlijn Weerdenburg they create a catchy beat…’ – Volkskrant

‘A deadsharp harmony between the four singers… They succeed in making this version of Romeo and Juliet a contemporary one.’ – Brabants Dagblad

With this theatrical production theatregoers and music lovers alike are treated to an intimate and explosive pop concert, in which Shakespeare’s original words have been adapted into an energetic and compelling musical experience.

Romeo and Juliet: two young lovers find each other despite their respective families’ ancient grudge and ultimately pay the highest price for their love; their untimely deaths. William Shakespeare’s classical tale has been told in many ways: in the theatre, in film, ballet or opera, even as comic book. But to our knowledge it hasn’t been done this way before. Directed by Madeleine Matzer, a top-cast of well reputed musicians/actors MATZER adds an exciting new chapter to the ultimate lovestory of our literary history. Romeo and Juliet: the concert was adapted, composed and arranged by Dutch composer Helge Slikker. On stage he is accompanied by his ‘Miss Molly & Me’-counterpart Marlijn Weerdenburg, Filip Jordens (Hommage à Brel) and Dave Menkehorst (Sir Yes Sir). Supported by live visuals, this will prove to be an experience to remember.

Romeo and Juliet: the concert premiered in the Netherlands during one of the biggest Summer festivals of the Netherlands; Theaterfestival Boulevard in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where it was performed in W2 pop venue to sell out crowds. An international tour including theatres, pop venues and festivals will commence season 2014-2015.

Written by: William Shakespeare; Adapted, composed and arranged by: Helge Slikker; directed by: Madeleine Matzer; performed by: Filip Jordens, Helge Slikker, Marlijn Weerdenburg, Dave Menkehorst; visuals: Job Jutten

Romeo and Juliet, trailer